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Food Review: StrEAT Food

Nov 8th, 2010 | Category: Books, Food

by Aaron Apple

The StrEAT food truck, based in the Ferndale area.

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear about the food scene in Portland, OR and the swarms of food trucks that crowd every neighborhood, I get a bit jealous. These food trucks often specialize in one specific type of food and do it very well, while keeping prices low due to cheaper operational costs. Yes, we have some delicious traditional taco trucks in our corner of northwest Washington, but StrEAT Food is doing something completely different and exciting.

I have been going a few times a week since they began operating in Ferndale, so I’ve been fortunate enough to try just about everything meatless that they’ve made (I am a vegetarian), and I haven’t been let down yet. From the creative, flavorful tacos that are always changing on the menu, to the more traditional falafel pita or cheeseburger and fries, StrEAT can cater to anyone who appreciates great food at a fair price.

My most recent StrEAT Food experience included a grilled cheese sandwich made with gruyere, melted leak cream cheese, roasted tomato and sunflower pesto. The cheese was melted just right and the different flavors complimented one another perfectly. This take on the grilled cheese makes me want to forget about the standard of white bread with American cheese forever. I can only hope that they include tomato soup on the menu more often now that the grilled cheese seems to be a permanent fixture.

Grilled cheese.

I also ordered the veggie taco, which included yellow curried sweet potatoes, couscous, lentils, kale, caramelized shallots and sunflower pesto. They lucked out because they just-so-happened to be making my new favorite lunch taco when I was going to be writing this review. The sweet potatoes were cooked perfectly; not too mushy or moist, and the strong yellow curry flavor worked perfectly with the rest of the veggies. Next time this taco is back on the menu, I am getting three.

The one other menu item I feel obligated to point out, and the one that I have had the most of, is the migas breakfast taco. Chef James Pitzer told me that migas is popular all over Texas, and he wanted to bring it to the Northwest. One taste, and you’ll be glad he did. Inside the tortilla, you’ll find scrambled egg, onion, tomato, cheddar cheese, mild Serrano pepper and crunchy fried corn tortilla strips. The rich, spicy flavor (I always add more spice with Sriracha) combined with the crunch of the tortilla strips, creates one of the tastiest breakfast items I have ever had. Better yet, it’s only $2.75.


The folks behind StrEAT Food make it obvious that they are passionate about the food they are serving, as well as the community surrounding them. StrEAT Food’s menu features local and in-season goods from places like DEVine Gardens, Samish Bay Cheese and Hammerhead Coffee. Be sure to check out their website, Twitter or Facebook page to see where they are located that day and what they are serving. Owner James Pitzer also told me that they are looking for more spots to park, especially downtown Bellingham or Fairhaven, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you know of a place. In the meantime, the food is more than worth the drive north to Ferndale.

For more about StrEAT Food, visit

This review was published in our Nov/Dec 2010 issue.


3 Comments to “Food Review: StrEAT Food”

  1. Mike Smith says:

    I love this place!

  2. Scott Hartwich says:

    NEVER been disappointed at strEAT Food. I’m working my way through the sizeable menu, and so far it’s universally excellent. Burgers cooked and seasoned to perfection, all tacos unique and tasty, black bean veggie burger good enough to make me forget the lack of meat. The Friday Gyro is generous and authentic, and for an extra buck, the well cooked fries will fill any room you might have left. These folks are friendly, too; not a hint of snobbery or top-chef-arrogance–just great service and professional presentation.

  3. jed reynolds says:

    I really appreciate how James can place most of his menu “in a cup” so I can have a low-carb version of the menu. Looking forward to my next meal there!

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