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Snow and all, Bellingham Food Bank has busiest distribution in its history

Nov 29th, 2010 | Category: News

BELLINGHAM – The unusually cold weather did little to deter families from visiting Bellingham Food Bank on Monday, Nov. 22.  Bellingham Food Bank distributed food for 932 clients, the most visits it has ever received in one distribution. 
“I will remember this day for a long time,” said Mike Cohen, Bellingham Food Bank Executive Director.  “I’m regularly asked how we know people really need the food they receive from our food bank.  I think the number of people who visited us today and stood outside, in line, under these conditions, to receive their groceries is a telling story about hunger in our community.”  In addition to record number of visits, Cohen also described how impressed and inspired he was by the volunteers, staff, and community donors who also made it to the food bank on Monday.
For more information about the Bellingham Food Bank, or how to donate, call 360-676-0392, or visit <> .

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