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Small farming, ranching series offered as online webinars

Nov 10th, 2011 | Category: News

STATE – The WSU Small Farms Program is offering three classes from the Cultivating Success: Sustainable Small Farming and Ranching series as online webinars. The cost is $20 per webinar, or $40 for all three. Registration is open to everyone, and past and present Cultivating Success students can join the program for free. Scholarships are available. The webinars include:
• Ecological Soil Management with Doug Collins and Adam McCurdy on Nov. 15: Soil scientist and Small Farms Educator Doug Collins will cover an introduction to soil management for small farmers, and describe soil quality, soil fertility, nitrogen mineralization, organic amendments, soil test interpretation, and pH management. Snoqualmie Valley Farmer Adam McCurdy will discuss how he works to build soil at Oxbow Center for Sustainable Agriculture & the Environment, including soil preparation, equipment, and cover cropping.
• Integrated Pest Management with Chris Benedict, Todd Murray, and Doug Collins on Nov. 22: Whatcom County Extension Educator and weed scientist Chris Benedict, Skamania County Extension Director and entomologist Todd Murray, and Small Farms Educator and soil scientist Doug Collins will describe how to integrate physical, biological, and chemical strategies to control weeds, insects, and pathogens.
• Equipment for Small Farmers with Andy Bary and Holly Foster on Nov. 29: Soil Scientist and Puyallup Experimental Organic Farm Manager Andy Bary will cover selecting equipment for field preparation, fertilizing, planting, and weeding.
Holly Foster, operator of Zestful Gardens in the Puyallup Valley, is a small farm equipment aficionado and will share what pieces she finds invaluable for farm operation.
For more information, contact Nicole Capizzi at

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