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CRAFTY: Spring countdown, kids-style

Mar 2nd, 2012 | Category: Crafts

With Spring just a few weeks away, the change in seasons offers plenty of potential for crafting, especially with children. Following are some ideas for crafting fun this month.

Use a poster board and construction paper to create a large calendar. You can start on March 1 and count down to spring on March 20. Note each day with a flower, vegetable or other construction paper cut-out.

Calendar: Create a Countdown to Spring calendar, similar to the style of an Advent Calendar. For very young children, consider making a large flower out of construction paper. Each day – as you count down to spring or the equinox – cut out a flower petal and paste it on the larger flower. Let the kids write the day on the petal, and count down the remaining days with them. This makes for a crafty project, while also focusing on colors, numbers and letters, and learning about the changing seasons.

Another idea is to use a large poster and sketch out the remaining days until spring. Each day can be marked with a carrot or other vegetable, flower or plant, made of construction paper. Let the kids choose varieties and tell them about new/unique ones. (For this project we re-used our Christmas Advent Calendar poster that we made in early December. Merry Christmas became Countdown to Spring, and we left the numbers 1-20 on the poster. Spring is March 20! )

Start seeds: Use toilet paper rolls to create seed starters. Cut the rolls in half and let the kids decorate them with markers, crayons, and bits of leftover construction paper. When done, fill the rolls with potting soil. Let the kids plant seeds of their choice in the soil (pick something easy to grow like lettuce or kale), then arrange the rolls to form the first letter of their first name, or just place a few on a windowsill. (Use an adequate tray or  base under the starts.) Each day, as you count down to spring, have your child water and take care of the starts, and record the plants’ progress. When the start grows to a good size, transplant to a larger pot or plant in your garden. The kids will continue to see the plants’ growth throughout the season.

Toast to the Irish: For St. Patrick’s Day, try construction paper crafts such as shamrocks and rainbows. Decorate cups and prepare sparkling cider at home to Toast to the Irish.

Let the kids pick the colors and item they'd like to mark the date with.

Potatoes & Peas: March 17 is also the day many gardeners plant a few potatoes and peas. Head out to the garden and have some fun. Make potato soup for dinner.

Lion & Lamb: In like a lion, out like a lamb. So the saying goes for the month of March. Use felt, wool, cotton and other materials to make hand-held cutouts of lions and lambs.

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