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Oct 31st, 2012 | Category: Columns

“When you wish someone joy, you wish them peace, love, prosperity, happiness… all the good things.” –Maya Angelou

The countdown begins. It is Halloween as I write this, and our 6-year-old son is asking how many more days til Christmas. (For the record, it’s 55, as of press time. His response: “Oh man! Why not tomorrow?”) We can’t be the only household in which the holidays are brought up each day, right?

Our kids have been talking about Christmas once the pumpkins hit the porch. It’s like their wish lists were running through their heads as soon as the leaves started falling. I believe the words “purple spaceship” (by the way, gladly accepting your donations of large cardboard to make this one happen) and “purple kitchen” have been spoken with the highest level of enthusiasm a 3-year-old girl can possibly muster, and said about a wazillion times. However, I think the real reason they are talking about the holidays so much is the anticipation of the day, the season, and the simple joys that come with this time of year. As the days get shorter and we have more down time in the fall and winter months (at least we are supposed to have more down time), we find ourselves doing more in the way of cooking, crafting and hanging out. We celebrate the season in a different way. Rather than being outside, we are inside doing activities and crafts, baking and reading, and making lists of all the projects and work we want to tackle.

Once we fall back (remember to set the clocks back Saturday night), the 4:30 p.m. darkness will cue it’s time to start our seasonal crafts. Our traditions include making a family turkey, each of its feathers naming a family member, both human and animal. (Above, see our daughter at age 2 with last year’s turkey). Another paper turkey craft we do is like a countdown to Thanksgiving. Each day, we add another feather, writing something we are thankful for. At Thanksgiving, we then read them all together. The Christmas tree comes after Thanksgiving, and then we go crazy for paper snowflakes, rings and lots of other little crafts throughout December, as we count down the days to the big holiday. I bet you when our son wakes up tomorrow he’s going to tell me, slightly tugging on my shirt, “Mom, 54 days!”

Another thing our family loves to do this time of year is bake pumpkin bread. It’s a family staple and usually made throughout the year. Last year we grew 60-something sugar pumpkins, but this year, as we took on our homeless summer adventure, we had no garden, and my late container efforts – with a double dose of crossed fingers – failed in the exception of one itty-bitty, wee tiny sugar pumpkin. Oh, look at that cute gourd, I thought. At least the kids liked it.

Now that we’re settled for the fall and winter, and have an oven again, we are baking their favorite pumpkin bread, a lot. They enjoy eating it, a lot, and sharing it too. (I concocted a much healthier, constantly-eaten-by-the-kids recipe using one less cup of sugar, applesauce instead of oil, half wheat flour, and no salt.) The other day, while stopped at a red light, we gave our last  piece of pumpkin bread to a fellow who was clearly having hard times. He smiled and said “God Bless You,” repeatedly. When he took a bite, his smile grew big and he was nearly jumping up and down with joy. Apparently he thought it tasted that good, and seeing that brought a smile to my face. The kids, sitting in the back seat, were giggling with delight. “Does he like it mommy?” they asked. “Yes sweethearts, he does.” As we drive through the green light, our window down, he gives us a thumbs up and yells, smiling, “Next time bring me a whole loaf! Please.” The giggling continues. “He likes it!”

“Yes, sweethearts, he really likes it.”


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Published in the November 2012 issue of Grow Northwest

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