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Local skills, stories focus of Skagit By Hand radio show

Feb 2nd, 2013 | Category: Crafts

A weekly radio show about the artisan spirit of Skagit County is featuring valley residents with diverse skills and treasures to share, and explores how and why people – and the community – are drawn to the work that they do.

Skagit By Hand hosts Jodie Buller (Skagit Valley Food Co-op), Jessica Gigot (Harmony Fields), Ann Darlin Leason (Ponder Farms) and Katharine Isserlis (Well Fed Farms). COURTESY PHOTO

The show started last fall and airs on KSVR’s Skagit Talks on Thursdays at 5 p.m. Hosted by local residents Jodie Buller (Skagit Valley Food Co-op), Jessica Gigot (Harmony Fields), Ann Darlin Leason (Ponder Farms) and Katharine Isserlis (Well Fed Farms), the segment includes topics like home brewing, letter press printing, repairing instruments, butchering a hog, and saving seeds.

“This project really came out of a convergence of several circles of people doing interesting things and being committed to community in Skagit,” Jessica Gigot said.

“We had all met each other in the last few years and been hatching ideas, telling stories about projects we are all working on,” said Buller. “I think we all got excited talking to each other.”

Between them, the list of topics expanded. “Jodie had the great idea of bringing some of these ladies together and talking about these great happenings on Skagit talks, the daily news show,” Jessica said. After an inaugural planning meeting at the Farmhouse restaurant on Highway 20, it all just clicked, she added.

This month’s programming features an interview with Jules Riske of Osborne Seed Company airing Feb. 7, and the crew talking favorite valentines on Feb. 14. Jodie Buller sits in on Caitlin Price’s chainsaw class at the Country Living Expo for a segment on Feb. 21, rounded out by Jessica Gigot talking with local luthiers about creating and reviving musical instruments on Feb. 28.

An upcoming segment includes instrument making and a look at this guitar restoration project by a local resident. COURTESY PHOTO

The scope of topics continues to grow and they have programs outlined for the next few months.

“I love it!” Ann Leason said about the show. “It gives me an excuse to delve into and research subjects that interest me. I really enjoy that we all come from different backgrounds but have similar interests. I like that we can all be interested in a topic and take very different views and perspectives. The four of us together reminds me that so much of what is unique about By Hand projects is the different spin each set of hands will put on it.”

Buller is excited to share community stories through the show. “Skagit is magic! A little slice of heaven,” she said. “It feels really good. The number of times we all sit in meetings and work with members of our community, I learn so much from each of them. This [show] is a chance to continue that conversation. I sure like what we’re saying.”

Gigot said they are all so busy “it is great to sit and talk out our ideas on DIY, home life and to catch up really. There is an art in conversation and radio is a good reminder of that. I think it offers good info to our listeners and also validates the reason that a lot of us are drawn to this place and community.”

For more information, archived shows are available online at www.ksvr.org and the group has a Facebook page at Skagit by Hand.

Published in the February 2013 issue of Grow Northwest magazine

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