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Tea time with Misfits Bliss

Apr 3rd, 2013 | Category: Community

by Jessica Harbert

Mother-daughter duo Cheyenne and Kamea Black are behind Bellingham’s Misfits Bliss Tea. Formerly known as Sip-T Tea Company, the business is now in its fifth year, offering loose leaf teas as well as smoked sugars and salts.

With the rebranding from Sip-T to Misfits Bliss Tea last year, the duo wanted the name to reflect the personalities behind the teas and have a more rustic handmade feel, Kamea said.

Mother-daughter co-owners Cheyenne and Kamea Black. PHOTO BY CHRIS PATTON

“From a marketing standpoint, we wanted to be more approachable,” she added. “We stopped trying to be bigger than we are.”

In the beginning, Cheyenne said they set their own expectations very high. “When we first opened we wanted to be consistent, with number of teas and recipes,” she said. “But we have become more flexible. The teas have become more of an ever-shifting process than ever.”

Sometimes they will make limited batches of different varieties when a small amount of specific ingredients become available.

“It’s like grandma’s kitchen,” Cheyenne said. “She cooks with what she has and it turns out well. We are able to prepare our blends in a more intuitive way.”

All the tea is loose leaf, which not only cuts down on waste but tastes better, Cheyenne said. The teas are sold in reusable glass jars, and cotton tea bags are available on request.

During the peak of the season, Misfits Bliss blends between 80 to 150 pounds of tea in combination with 75 pounds of herbs, each month. The ingredients are all sourced from organic and fair trade outlets, and local products include Red Barn Lavender in Ferndale and Living Earth Herbs in Bellingham, Kamea said.

Misfits Bliss is available at the Bellingham Farmers Market, an  aspect of the business that helps connect with local producers and customers, Cheyenne said. They enjoy keeping people updated on recipes and getting direct feedback. Sometimes the variance in recipes is just what someone is looking for.

“And we have more fun with the process,” Cheyenne said.

The loose leaf tea varieties are available in glass jars. PHOTO BY CHRIS PATTON

Misfits Bliss also has a booth at the Fairhaven Farmers Market (on Wednesdays, June through September) and the Everett Farmers Market on Sundays. Kamea, recognized around Bellingham as the tea girl or the face of Misfits Bliss, runs the market booths, while Cheyenne operates the business end of things, taking and filling orders. They both blend teas. In addition, Cheyenne is currently a student at Western’s Fairhaven College, while Kamea, 21, is studying marketing management.

The family, including two other daughters, moved to Whatcom County in 2008 after spending three years on the road and operating a previous business, Fairies Fae hand crafted fairy wings. Cheyenne, who has been making chai tea since her children were little, said she wanted to create a consumable product and decided to start blending other teas. Along came the name Sip-T Tea Company. All the recipes, now under the Misfits Bliss brand, are original.

Misfits Bliss Teas are available on their website, as well as at other Bellingham businesses, including Pure Bliss Desserts and Festival Espresso, and through Acme Farms + Kitchen’s online sales. Seasonal sales are offered at the downtown Community Food Co-op. All of Misfits Bliss teas are gluten free, vegan, soy free, grain free and free of major allergens.

Visit www.misfitsbliss.com or follow their Facebook page. For local orders, call (360) 220-8100 or visit their booth at the Farmers Markets.

Published in the April 2013 issue of Grow Northwest

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