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Handmade 12th Man flag flies

Jan 31st, 2014 | Category: Crafts, Features

Whatcom County resident Jessica Rodriguez handmade a 5-foot by 8-foot 12th Man flag, now flying in downtown Bellingham. This mother, wife, and music teacher made the flag in one day with the help of her husband, Cisco. The flag will fly above the Saturna Capital building (where Cisco works), at least through the Super Bowl. Jessica shared some thoughts about her project with us and following is what she had to say.

Jessica Rodriguez, joined by her son Gus,  show her handmade 12th Man flag. COURTESY PHOTO

Jessica Rodriguez and her son Gus show her handmade 12th Man flag. COURTESY PHOTO

Tell us about your 12th Man flag. Why did you make it and how long did it take to complete? 

I have always liked the Seahawks, but I became a real fan when they played in the last Super Bowl. I have been admiring all the flags and swag people have been displaying. To me, the symbol of the 12 is really about community pride.

My mom, Diana Murphy, is an amazing seamstress and she taught me to sew when I was a teenager. I’ve always really enjoyed sewing and I appreciate the quality of handmade items. It had been a few years since my last big project, so I was pretty excited when my husband Cisco asked me if I’d be willing to sew a 12th man flag for the flagpole of Saturna Capital, the company for whom he works in downtown Bellingham.

He brought home the materials on a Wednesday evening and we started on it that night after the kids were asleep. We worked until midnight making the pattern and doing the hems. I don’t teach on Thursdays and my daughter, Luci, is in pre-school, so I spent that whole day sewing. When my son, Gus, got home from school he asked me why I was still in my pajamas and if I wanted to open the curtains.  I was in a zone, but I finished by Thursday evening, spread it out on the couch and went to take Gus to basketball practice. The picture of us holding the flag was taken that evening.

The staff of Saturna Capital was very appreciative of the flag and has been very supportive to our family in general, so we wanted to show a gesture of appreciation.


Are the kids impressed by your sewing skills?

Gus was impressed by my sewing skills. He wanted to see how the sewing machine works and gave me advice on thread colors. Luci said, “Good job Mama!” To me, using a sewing machine is a little like playing the piano. You’ve got the foot pedal and both hands are working together and you have to concentrate as you go. The only thing different with piano is you don’t need the little seam ripper when you make a mistake.

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  1. Jenny Pierce says:

    What a talented lady! That is a GREAT flag! GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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