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Snohomish County growers sought for on-farm compost trials

Feb 3rd, 2014 | Category: Farms

SNOHOMISH – The WSU Compost Outreach Project is conducting on-farm trials to study the effects of compost application on crops and provide local growers an opportunity to try commercially-produced compost. Specialty Crop Block Grant funding from the WSDA has directed the focus towards specialty crop trials. The Project is also seeking Non-Specialty crop growers including grains, corn, and forage. Currently we are recruiting Snohomish County farmers to participate in “side-by-side” demonstration trials where the addition of compost (applied by the grower) can be compared alongside a no-compost control. Compost is donated by Cedar Grove, Lenz Enterprises, and Bailey Compost who turn curbside-collected food and yard waste into certified compost. Up to 50 cubic yards of compost will be delivered to participating farms at no cost to the grower, an approximate $750 value. Growers should be willing to allow photographs of their demonstration trial, observe and note any differences in compost-amended plots, and share information with WSU compost program staff. Growers should also be willing to track and report information including compost application rate and date, and crop planting date. Forty Snohomish County growers have participated in the program so far, with 59 demonstration trials on a diverse variety of crops. Nearly 2,500 tons of compost has been delivered to Snohomish County farms. For more information, contact Julie Kintzi, WSU Extension Snohomish County, at or (425) 357-6011.

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