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Tweets: More on the menu

May 8th, 2014 | Category: Food

by Cait Auer

Nestled within a white painted building in the small town of Edison is Tweets Café, incorporating local, organic and well cared for ingredients. “If we’re going to make an impact,” said co-owner Charles Atkinson, “it’s going to be through the love of food and sense of place, and we will defend aggressively this reality.”

Initially, the restaurant was a café that offered ice cream, baked goods, and Charles’s personally harvested vegetables. Once Tweets expanded into a restaurant and Charles’s partner, co-owner and cook David Blakesley, created a menu that offered entrees, Charles continued to farm and produce from his personal plot. The restaurant’s popularity grew so rapidly that Charles decided to turn to the community for providing ingredients, buying from local farms Raven Farm, Bow Hill Blueberries, Harmony Fields, Murphy Farm, Northwest Meats, A Man And His Hoe, Gothberg Farms and Cascadia Mushrooms.

Pork tacos. Photo by Cait Auer

Pork tacos. Photo by Cait Auer

“We got so successful that we could expand our support of the local small family farms, so that we were actually sharing our success with the farms that produce,” he added.

The ornately rustic atmosphere of Tweets easily radiates a communal vibe. Kick up your feet on a lightly distressed wooden bench and watch the kitchen as if it’s your family’s home. Take the opportunity to interact with other customers while sharing an oversized table.

“Employee. Guest. Owner. Those distinctions need to be blurred a bit. We’re purposefully blurring the lines between you, and me, and the counter. If you’re at the table, then I might sit down and eat with you,” Charles offered. “The atmosphere in Tweets really comes from the fact that you will be more than likely to have the opportunity to eat with the person who produced the lamb and the potatoes on your plate.”

This care for interaction is one of the establishment’s most admirable qualities. Charles proudly exclaimed, “That’s so exciting for me, that people tell me stories about meeting people at Tweets and suddenly they have a new friend for life. To have an impact in someone’s life by providing the space for it, and to be able to share the success of the restaurant with people who are passionate about wholesome food production, it strengthens families and it strengthens the connection to the community itself.”

Expect a rotating option on the menu nearly every week, as the dishes change based on which local ingredients are in season. Regulars and visitors alike cannot get enough of the Torta Rustica, a rich concoction served in enormous pie-shaped slices with layers of smoked ham soppressata, farm fresh eggs, Gothberg Farms chevre, and provolone, that puffs up in a rich, oozing bite of heaven. Dig into their juicy roasted half chicken soaked in a savory reduction sauce that rests over a bed of potatoes and topped with a perfectly fried egg.

“We believe that good food should also be generous. We’re not surprised to see you share.” Charles admitted.

Outside at Tweets. Photo by Cait Auer

Outside at Tweets. Photo by Cait Auer

Each serving is abundant enough to enjoy in pairs, but save room for the beautifully homemade pastries and baked goods that David whips up for dessert. Make sure to try their Pecan Roca, a recipe that has been in the family for over 100 years. Wash everything down with their delicious, addictive jamaica, a hibiscus flower infusion of orange juice.

As the warm weather begins, Charles and David have expanded to include a new Mexican restaurant, Mariposa, alongside Tweets. Mariposa will serve more of their delicious tacos among other authentic Mexican dishes. My personal favorite item on their menu is the pork tacos that burst with flavor, which is a heaping plate of homemade tortillas overflowing with fresh chopped vegetables and tender seasoned meat.

“Expect to have an authentic experience of high Mexican cuisine. We will continue to increase our standard of fresh, local ingredients,” Charles said.

Tweets is located at 5800 Cains Court in Bow. Hours are Friday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Contact them at (360) 820-9912.

Published in the May 2014 issue of Grow Northwest

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