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New how-to videos for horse owners and homeowners available

Jul 31st, 2014 | Category: News

SNOHOMISH – Snohomish Conservation District has created ‘how-to’ videos which are available on their new Better Ground website to help homeowners with projects. The 17 new videos are available at The goal is to assist people who want to make changes around their homes and horse properties. For homeowners, there are three videos geared to people who want to capture and recycle rain water. They include how to build a rain barrel, how to hook several rain barrels together, and examples of using cisterns. Horse owners can learn how to eliminate mud by constructing a winter paddock, improve their pastures for grazing, and compost manure. Another video explains how to attract birds and bats to provide natural insect control. For farmers and backyard gardeners alike, there’s a video on how to take a soil test. Check back often, there are more videos coming, including one on habitat and native plants. For questions, email Jessica Paige at

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