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Hummingbird Farm and Nursery joins quilt trail

Oct 4th, 2014 | Category: Community

Farm launching Island-wide campaign

Owner Lee Spear and his daughter Emma work on their new Amish Hummingbird Quilt Pattern barn square. PHOTO COURTESY OF LORI SPEAR

Owner Lee Spear and his daughter Emma work on their new Amish Hummingbird Quilt Pattern barn square. PHOTO COURTESY OF LORI SPEAR

OAK HARBOR – Hummingbird Farm and Nursery has joined the American Quilt Trail Movement, being the first farm in northwest Washington State, and forming a steering committee to expand the quilt trail to other Island County farms and barns.



Owners Lori and Lee Spear raised a brightly colored Amish Hummingbird Quilt Pattern to their barn last month, officially marking their involvement with the organization. The group was founded in 2001 by an Ohio woman named Donna Sue Groves to honor her mother, Maxine, a quilter. It has grown to include several thousand quilt patterns and barns across the country.

Lori Spear said she “first found out about the movement in 2005 when I started to look for a barn design for our future barn at Hummingbird Farm.” She found photos online of barns with quilt patterns back east, “and fell in love with them.”

But instead of painting one in 2006, “we went with our hummingbird logo and had a round medallion made, instead.”

She added, “Then, last fall I was searching for a hummingbird quilt design with my RN coworker, a quilter, and again, I saw the barn quilts via Google images. Now, there was a website,, created by Suzi Parron, a quilter, photographer, and high school English teacher.”

At this point, Kittitas County had started their barn quilt trail in the summer of 2013, becoming the first in Washington State.

“Always by serendipity, as was our experience with finding Hummingbird Farm in the summer of 2001, Lee and I went to Ellensburg for our 30th anniversary celebration last October and discovered the barn quilt trail of Kittitas County, the first in Washington State,” Lori said.

By January 2014, Lori and her nurse mate/quilter pal Amy Chapman “designed our Amish hummingbird quilt square, and by April, we started our barn quilt square with the help of Amy, her daughter Libby, fellow RN Cheryl Kayser, my sister Marilyn Anderson, and my husband, Lee.”

Because of the weather and her RN night shift schedule, they weren’t ready until early September to do the “hanging.”

With the help of husbands of three labor and delivery RNs, “we finally placed our barn quilt square upon our Periwinkle Barn,” Lori said. “We have dedicated our Amish hummingbird quilt square to our dear Auntie Marie Gruett, a quilter, a gardener, and a lover of hummingbirds.”

It was her Auntie Marie and Uncle Bruce in Anacortes who Lori and Lee were visiting in the summer of 2001 when they found their property in a “serendipitous search on the internet.”

Lori added that both she and Lee have quilting heritages on both sides of their families. “His in Texas and mine in Washington, and we honor them, as well, with our barn quilt square.”

With 2015 now only a few months away, Lori said their New Year’s project will be to get the Island County Barn Quilt Trail started on Camano and Whidbey Islands. If you want to participate in the Island County Barn Quilt Trail Project, contact

For more information about the trail, see

– Becca Schwarz Cole

Published in the October 2014 issue of Grow Northwest


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