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Make your own tree: Three fun projects at home

Dec 1st, 2014 | Category: Crafts

Don’t have a tree or don’t want a tree, but would like some other tree decoration? Maybe you have a very small space, maybe you’re on a budget, or maybe you’re just looking for something different? There are several options if you use your imagination! I have spent quite a few Christmas holidays with a “fake” tree, some have been made of fabric, a couple using a tomato cage, and I’ve even been known to decorate a wall with branches and lights. Check out these three fun and easy ways to get a “tree” in your home. I’ve received compliments on all of these, and have inspired friends to do these in addition to the real trees they decorate each year. Whatever you choose to do, have fun and enjoy the season.


Tomato cage

Turn it upside down, so the prongs are on top. Tie the prongs off together using garden wire, yarn, etc. Adorn the top with a star or other decoration. If you have evergeen cuttings, affix them and wind them through the tomato cage. If not, proceed with the lights, ornaments and other decorations. These also make great entry way or porch decorations, or smaller trees for rooms. You can even use green yarn all the way around!


Branches on a wall

Lay out different sizes of small branches and twigs, or pieces of wood, to form the shape of a tree. Place them on the wall or glue to large piece of cardboard or other sturdy paper and then attach to the wall. Adorn them with small lights and ornaments.



Using one yard of green fabric (or other seasonal color of your choice), lay the fabric flat. At the center, pinch it and lift it. It will look triangular in shape, nearing the shape of a tree. Use small safety pins and thumbtacks to place it on a wall. Apply mini balls and decorations. I have also covered a tomato cage with fabric and decorated it this way, placed in the center of a table, with evergreen cuttings at the base. It was one of my favorites!

–Stephanie Martin


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