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Common Threads’ programs moving to Outback Farm

Apr 2nd, 2015 | Category: News

BELLINGHAM – Common Threads Farm, a local non-profit organization that teaches children about cooking and gardening, will relocate its summer programs to the Outback Farm at Western Washington University. Since 2007, Common Threads has run educational programs for kids ages 3-12, including Farm Camp, Camp Pizza and Camp Pasta. For the past five years, Common Threads programs have taken place at Bobbibrook Farm, a privately owned site in the Fairhaven area. “The Bobbibrook Farm Site has been a magical place for children”, says Plaut, “and we’re so grateful to Bobbi Vollendorff for hosting us. It’s rare that kids get to experience a farm environment right in town, and Bobbi has been incredibly generous in sharing her home space with kids from throughout the community.” Each year, 20-30 Western students fulfill service learning or internship requirements by working with Common Threads educational programs.

Plaut says the move to WWU will make it that much easier for college students to get involved in Common Threads’ gardening and cooking programs, and she thinks families will love the new space. Registration for Common Threads summer programs at the Outback Farm is now open at www.commonthreadsfarm.org.


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