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Good to Go Meat Pies opens new location in Lynden

Apr 3rd, 2015 | Category: Food

Good to Go Meat Pies has opened in downtown Lynden, marking a second location for the Everson-based business that specializes in pasties.

Owner Holly Bevan-Bumford, who has been serving the community her signature comfort food (pronounced pass-tee) for three years, decided it was time to think about expanding.

“We participated in the Lynden Farmers Market last summer and were well received with many folks asking if we would please think of having a place in town,” she said. “Entering our fourth year in business, we felt we had learned how to step up to more demand in our production kitchen and were willing to expand into a bigger town than Everson, but still have the advantages of a small town.”

Owner Holly Bevan-Bumford with fresh pasties at Good to Go Meat Pies’ new location in Lynden at 305 Grover Street. PHOTO BY BECCA SCHWARZ COLE

Owner Holly Bevan-Bumford with fresh pasties at Good to Go Meat Pies’ new location in Lynden at 305 Grover Street. PHOTO BY BECCA SCHWARZ COLE

With her husband’s construction skills and help, they worked together for two months turning the location “into an inviting place to stop in and grab a bite. Lots of hard work but well worth the effort,” she said.

The pasty, wrapped in a delicious pastry crust, is an easy-to-hold comfort food that contains meat and/or vegetables. Bevan-Bumford, who has family from Michigan, learned about old traditional recipes served to miners in the area who ate them for lunch; they would hold the crust edge since their hands were dirty and then throw the crusts away.

She thought this wrapped-up style of food would fit the community well, and has perfected her recipe (make sure you eat the crust) to include options such as beef, pot roast, chicken pot pie, jamaican jerk chicken, pork empanada, BBQ pulled pork, and veggie – all available both fresh and frozen.

In addition, soups are made from scratch, such as fresh rosemary potato leek and thai chicken, and desserts include  apple turnovers, blackberry crisps, cheesecake, pecan pie tarts and cookies.

Bumford enjoys using local ingredients when possible, and works with local farmers including Farmer Ben’s, Field of Greens, Hopewell Farm, Broadleaf Farm, Appel Farms, Cloud Mountain Farm Center and Fairhaven Mills.

Other products sold include the Everson-based Black Market Hot Sauce and Casey’s Coffee, as well as their own Good To Go Ty’s BBQ Sauce and Good To Go Pasty Sauce.

Bevan-Bumford has been happy with the response in Lynden so far. outside good to go in lynden web

“Everyone is so nice and welcoming, it is very heartwarming. Lynden has many fun things to do and I like being in the older part of town – it fits with our traditional style of meat pies,” she said.

The building was once a horse livery, she added. “If you look in the cement as you come in the front door you can see they put in some little horse shoes to mark the spot.”

Bevan-Bumford is looking forward to the spring and summer events as well.

“We hope to have a presence again at the Lynden Farmers Market this summer as well as being at the Bellingham Farmers Market this season,” she said. “We just signed up to be feeding folks at the end of the Ski To Sea Race for the first time this year too.”

With her locations in Everson and Lynden, and vending at the farmers markets, Bevan-Bumford said she is grateful for the support and has had many visitors through word of mouth.

“I do feel fortunate that so many people recommend us to their friends… it doesn’t get better than that!”

Good to Go Meat Pies is located at 128 West Main Street in Everson and 305 Grover Street in Lynden. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can also find Good to Go at the Bellingham Farmers Market each Saturday (opening for the season on April 4). For more information follow the Facebook page or visit www.goodtogomeatpies.com.

–Becca Schwarz Cole

 Published in the April 2015 issue of Grow Northwest

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