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Weekend focuses on bees, pollination information

Jul 2nd, 2015 | Category: News

EVERETT – An event centered around pollination information, called Pollinator Passion Weekend, will be held July 24-26 in Everett. The event will be held at the WSU Snohomish County Extension, 600 128th St SE  in Everett, inside McCollum Park.

The event opens Friday evening, July 24, with “Bring Back the Pollinators!” featuring Rich Hatfield, endangered species conservation biologist for The Xerces Society.  Included in the talk will be practical advice on how to convert most any area of land into pollinator habitat, as well as the information needed to participate in a new citizen science project, Bumble Bee Watch.

On Saturday, focus on Everything Bumblebee with in-depth workshops on identification, protection, even tracking our native bumblebees. Participants will learn about upcoming and current Pollinator Projects, creating a Pollinator Corridor, Flowers for attracting pollinators. Then on Sunday, join us for a few hours in the field lead by Rich Hatfield, Sharon Collman, and Dave Pehling. The focus will be live capture (and release), for identification of pollinators, as well as other interesting insects and spiders.

Speakers include Rich Hatfield, Endangered Species Conservation Biologist, The Xerces Society. He has authored several publications on bumblebees, including a recently published set of management guidelines entitled Conserving Bumble Bees.

Sharon J. Collman is the WSU Snohomish County Extension Educator for horticulture and integrated pest management. Dave Pehling is a long-standing extension professional who teaches about pollinators including mason, bumble, and honey bees. He has been co-teaching the Master Beekeeper’s Apprenticeship Beekeeping Classes for five years and is a certified journeyman beekeeper. To learn more about the event, visit snohomish.wsu.edu/PollinatorWeekend. For more information about the program, contact Sharon Collman, (425) 357-6025, collmans@wsu.edu.


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