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Cheese please

Jan 5th, 2016 | Category: Food

by Grow Northwest

Melt some delicious gooey cheese on sandwiches, add in or top off a warm winter soup or vegetable, or make a cheese plate with wine and fruit. However you eat it, January cheese is delightful. What’s even better? Braving the wet and cold January by taking a weekend adventure to buy directly from the farm stores.

Following are a few local farm favorites that make incredible cheese, and other great places to stop along the way. Support them, eat up, and enjoy. You deserve it.

Appel Farms: Appel Farms has been creating artisan cheese at their family-owned dairy in Ferndale for over 30 years. Run by brothers John and Rich Appel, the farm offers cheddar, feta, fresh curd (squeaky cheese), paneer, quark and more. In addition, their cheese shop has a deli menu and weekly specials, open Monday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch. Enjoy a cozy seat by the fire. The farm store is located at 6605 Northwest Drive in Ferndale, and open 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. Don’t leave without the bacon cheddar cheese. For more details, see their website at www.appel-farms.com.

Samish Bay Cheese: Roger and Suzanne Wechsler have been making cheeses using organic milk from their farm’s cows for more than 16 years. Recently, they broke ground on a 3,000-square-foot cheesemaking facility (expected to be finished in February). Fresh cheeses include ladysmith, feta, mozzarella, queso fresco, and black mambazo (aged ladysmith coated with cocoa and chipotle). Aged cheeses include gouda, mont blanchard cheddar, and others. Our favorite will always be the ladysmith with chives. They are located at 15115 Bow Hill Road in Bow, and open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and can be reached at (360) 766-6707. See their website at www.samishbaycheese.com.

Gothberg Farms: Head up the road to Rhonda Gothberg’s farm where she makes the most delicious goat cheese with the milk of her LaMancha goat herd. Look for the farm sign and the “Honor Box,” a self-serve fridge with favorites like her chevre, gouda, and feta. Seriously, they are all favorites. Pick one, take a bite, savor the flavor, and save the rest for some delicious bread (which you can happily find up the road at Breadfarm in Edison). The farm is located at 15203 Sunset Road in Bow, and can be reached at (360) 202-2436 or online at www.gothbergfarms.com.

Golden Glen Creamery: Also in Bow, this family dairy makes artisan cheeses including gouda, cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, and feta. Favorites are the tomato and basil cheddar, and salsa cheddar. (Buy some of their butter varieties, too; it’s not cheese, but just as delicious!) Store hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 15014 Field Road. Contact (360) 766-6455 or see www.goldenglencreamery.com.

Glendale Shepherd: Head south to Whidbey Island on a Sunday afternoon to visit their farm store and try one of their sheep’s milk cheeses, including Island Brebis, their flagship cheese and 2014 Good Food Award winner. Try the White Cap and the amazing, spreadable Fresh Sheep’s Milk Cheese (Brebis Frais). The farm has a herd of 60 milking sheep, and is located at 7616 Glendale Heights Road. They can be reached at (360) 579-1677 or online at www.glendaleshepherd.com.

Twin Sisters Creamery: This cheesemaker and family-owned business opened in 2015, and will be offerings its batch of Whatcom Blue in February. Other cheeses are available, however more on-site production is coming soon. Stop by at 6202 Portal Way in Ferndale, call  (360) 656-5240 or visit www.twinsisterscreamery.com.

Ring of Trees Farm: The only micro sheep dairy in Whatcom County, this farm business continues to grow in 2016. (See the article in this month’s issue). Ring of Trees offers pecorino romano; manchego with rosemary and garlic, saffron or red pepper; hallumi, a Greek frying cheese; and Ingrid’s Pride. Call (360) 383-7265 for more information.

Also, stop by a few local stores carrying various cheese options, including Everybody’s Store in Van Zandt, Perfectly Paired in Fairhaven, and Slough Food in Edison, as well as the Skagit Valley Food Co-op in Mount Vernon and the Community Food Co-op locations in Bellingham.

Lastly, we can’t talk cheese without the wonderful world of grilled cheese sandwiches. When you’re in the mood, head to the Green Frog (1015 N. State St.,  Bellingham), and with 14 grilled cheeses on the menu you’ll find what you’re looking for. Try the classic or gorgonzola, to the Mac Daddy (macaroni and cheese, bacon, sharp cheddar). They also have a vegan option, and an inside-out grilled cheese. Some friends swear by the Elvis: cheddar, peanut butter, bacon, and banana.

Additional grilled cheese honors go to The Sisters (2804 Grand Ave., Everett) for their delicious grilled cheese on sourdough and the Brown Lantern (412 Commercial Ave., Anacortes) for their swiss and cheddar cheese on potato bread. Both are perfectly grilled, gooey, and amazing. In the spring time, hope for the return of Girl’d Cheese’s delicious selections at the Anacortes Farmers Market.


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  1. Another great local creamery that is not mentioned above is Ferndale Farmstead Cheese Artisans located in Ferndale, Wa. It is a family owned operation and won the “People’s Choice Award” for its Caciotta Italian cheese. They are a closed-loop farmstead operation, meaning that they are a seed to cheese operation.

  2. Editor says:

    Thank you, Nidia. We’re sorry we missed them!

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