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Whidbey’s Rockwell bean added to the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste

Jan 3rd, 2016 | Category: News

WHIDBEY – The Slow Food USA Ark of Taste has added another one of Whidbey Island’s seeds, the Rockwell bean, according to the Slow Food Whidbey Island chapter. Four Coupeville farmers who are the descendants of Ebey’s Prairie pioneer families, continue to grow the beans: Georgie Smith of Willowood Farm, Wilbur Purdue of Prairie Bottom Farm, Wilbur Bishop of Ebey Road Farm, and Vin Sherman. The Rockwell was brought to the Coupeville area of Whidbey Island in the late 1800s by Elisha Rockwell, according to WSU. Rockwell later left, but the bean stayed with local farmers and homesteaders who saved new seed each season. Local seed suppliers Uprising Seeds and Backyard Beans and Grains (now Resilient Seeds) now sell Rockwell bean seed. The Sugar Hubbard Squash, grown by Sherman’s Pioneer Farm, was added to the Ark of Taste in 2014.

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