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Raven Breads participating in nationwide election cake

Oct 26th, 2016 | Category: Food

Raven Breads is participating in a non-partisan, nationwide collaboration among bakeries to “Make America Cake Again” — specifically, making historical Election Cake. With this project, the bakery is hoping to raise awareness about national culinary heritage and the place of food in political and social life.



According to a press release from Raven Breads owner Sophie Williams, “Election Cake dates back to Colonial America and the young Republic. It is a spiced, naturally leavened fruit cake and was served at town hall meetings and early voting sites to encourage citizens to attend. It came to hold a significant place in the landscape of voting places in the early democracy.”

Through Nov. 8, Raven Breads will be selling election cakes at the Bellingham Farmers Market, with 100 percent of the profits from these sales will be donated to The League of Women Voters of Bellingham/Whatcom County. Home bakers in Bellingham are also encouraged to participate by making election cakes and sharing their own stories. They can pick up recipes at the market or online at

For more information about Raven Breads, stop by the booth at the Bellingham Farmers Market or follow their page on Facebook.

–Sophie Williams


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