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Food preservation series starts this month

May 2nd, 2018 | Category: Skills

Rich, red strawberry jam, crunchy dill pickles, homemade salsa – nothing tastes better than home-preserved foods. In addition, a well-stocked pantry is a big step towards ensuring your family always has plenty of healthy food available. However, safely preserving food at home requires a bit of knowledge, time set aside, and a small investment in equipment.canning2-792x594

Learn how to preserve fresh foods safely in a series of four Tuesday evening workshops at WSU Snohomish County Extension’s Evergreen Room in McCollum Park, 600 128th St SE, Everett.

Basics of Safe Canning: Tuesday, May 22, 6:30–9 p.m. Learn the basics of food safety and canning skills, including bacteria and food spoilage, canning equipment, and canning high/low acid foods. Includes lecture and demonstration of the process only.

Jams, Jellies, and Spreads: Tuesday, June 12, 6:30–9 p.m. Delight in the bright flavors of fresh fruit and discover how easy it is to capture sunshine in a jar. Learn how to create that perfect balance of fruit, sweetener, and other ingredients to enhance flavor and shelf life with research-based recipes. Low and no sugar recipes covered. Come prepared to cook during the hands-on session and take home a jar of fresh-made jam.

Tomatoes, Salsa, & Relish: Tuesday, July 3, 6:30–9 p.m. Learn how to turn the local abundance of tomatoes and fresh vegetables into jars of color and flavor for the dreary days of winter. Come prepared to cook during the hands-on session and take home a jar of fresh-made salsa.

Pickling and Fermenting: Tuesday, July 24, 6:30–9 p.m. Crisp, tasty pickles are the ultimate test of a canner’s skill. Learn how to make a great product every time. In addition, we’ll look at the traditional art of fermentation with a hands-on sauerkraut-making session. Come prepared to cook during the hands-on session and take home a jar of fresh-made sauerkraut and pickles!

Class size is limited and pre-registration is required. Cost is $20 per workshop or take all four for $60 and get one class free! Register online at

Instructor Kate Ryan has been canning ever since she learned from her grandmother as a child. Throughout the years, her occasional failures prompted a quest to learn the best and safest methods for home food preservation. When WSU revived their home food preservation training program several years ago it was the perfect opportunity for Kate to brush off her skills and learn the most up-to-date science and protocols for safe food preservation.

For more information on any of the courses, contact Kate Ryan, WSU Snohomish County Extension Food Safety Program,, (425) 357-6004.

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