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Squatch Food Waste campaign launches

Jul 1st, 2018 | Category: News

BELLINGHAM – Sustainable Connections announces the new Squatch Food Waste campaign which will help individuals and businesses “squatch” their food waste, and rescue 30,000 pounds of prepared foods in order to re-route it to Whatcom families in need.

Squatch with Devin Kellogg, Executive Sous Chef at Semiahmoo. COURTESY PHOTO

Squatch with Devin Kellogg, Executive Sous Chef at Semiahmoo. COURTESY PHOTO

Thanks to a grant from the Department of Ecology, Sustainable Connections is expanding their Toward Zero Waste program to include food recovery from businesses in Whatcom County and increase education to help individuals and business owners decrease wasted food.

Nearly 40 percent of the food produced in the US is never eaten, totaling nearly $160 billion in lost revenue and strain on resources. At the same time, one in four Whatcom residents is food insecure and 27 percent live in areas with little or no direct access to food availability.

Currently 17 food establishment have signed up for this new campaign and are donating their surplus prepared food.

“We feel so fortunate to have a business community that understands the problem and is passionate about solving it,” said Mark Peterson, who manages the new initiative. “Early adopters like Mt. Baker Care Center, Boundary Bay Brewing, the Community Food Coop and Papa John’s Pizza have really helped this program gain momentum. We started small, providing between 5-10 meals a day, and now provide over 25 each day. The numbers keep climbing.”

Businesses interested in participating can visit www.SquatchFoodWaste.org to learn more and sign up. Squatch Food Waste is also calling for all individuals and families to pledge to Squatch their food waste. Those interested can visit www.SquatchFoodWaste.org to submit their pledge and learn about a variety of tools, tips, and resources to make reducing food waste easy and fun.

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