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Bookshelf: November reading list

Nov 4th, 2018 | Category: Books

by Grow Northwest

Tis the season for fall reading. Following are some recommendations, including two community reading events coming up.  The Snowy Nap book color

A natural storyteller of animal characters during the beautiful winter season, author Jan Brett returns with The Snowy Nap, the prequel to her classic and bestselling book, The Hat. Her main character, Hedgie, has heard stories from friends of winter adventures and scenes, kindling a determination to stay awake through the winter months. Her beautifully detailed illustrations of the book’s setting and story – taking place at the Danish farm on the island of Funen – are a delight to the reader as Hedgie enjoys the sights and sounds of the cold, snowy season. The sparkling light of ice and the jolly sound of sleigh bells are celebrated for their simple beauty.

Brett, who resides in Massachusetts, has been sharing her stories for over 30 years with millions of readers. On Dec. 9, she will visit our northwest corner for a special event sponsored by Village Books at Bellingham High School. Brett will read her new book during this kid-friendly event, and copies will be available for purchase. A costume character of Hedgie will also be on hand to greet families. Tickets are $5 and available at Village Books or through brownpapertickets.com. Each ticket can also be used as a $5 voucher towards the purchase of The Snowy Nap. Kids six and under are free to enter. Enjoy this very special reading!red riding hood northwest web

Little Red Riding Hood of the Pacific Northwest, written by Marcia Crews and illustrated by Jeremiah Trammell, is a recent release from Sasquatch Books. Sharing the classic tale with a Northwest twist, Crews brings readers to the coast of the Salish Sea. A brave, young girl receives her mother’s red-velvet cape worn as a child, and sets off on a mountain trail with a birthday surprise for her great-grandmother. Of course, she meets a wolf along the way, who convinces her to travel a new direction and has surprise plans of his own.

Crews has written more than 100 children’s books and lives in Tacoma, Washington. Trammell, of Seattle, has illustrated several children’s books.Skein book web

Author Christen Mattix shares the story of knitting a half-mile blue line from a bench to Bellingham Bay in her book Skein: The Heartbreaks and Triumphs of a Long Distance Knitter. “The quality of attention that I bring to this hour of knitting,” she writes, “is something I hope to sustain throughout the rest of my days. Every moment would then feel like a miracle.” Mattix, at 34, was unemployed and lonely when she began sitting on a bench and knitting. Her story follows the three and a half years spent knitting at the bench, and all of life’s interactions that follow, including recommitting herself to being a contemporary artist and falling in love. She knits day after day in all kinds of weather, among many neighbors and passersby, and all the happiness and sadness life brings. Eventually, she completes an amazing community artwork. Mattix will do a special book reading and signing, as well as Q&A session, on Saturday, Nov. 24 (Small Business Saturday) at Northwest Yarns in Bellingham. For more details, see https://nwyarns.com or call (360) 738-0167.buzz thor hansen book web

Thor Hanson, author and San Juan Island resident, gives a beautiful understanding of all kinds of bees in his book, Buzz: The Nature and Necessity of Bees. In this informative, engaging work, Hanson studies bees and flowers, and the humans doing the studying. He takes readers back millions of years to present day and into the future, explaining bees’ importance to life on earth. According to his bio, Hanson’s research interests include “birds, plants, primates, insects, endangered species, and the interface between human and natural systems.” He dutifully captured the story of bees in this well-researched and enjoyable book, making it a good read for anyone who respects the enormous work of small bees.Pie Squared book web

Pie Squared, by Cathy Barrow, offers 193 recipes for pie slabs. All baked in a half-sheet pan, and all served by a slab, these recipes span breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Sweet or savory, traditional and unique, this fun cookbook has a little bit of everything. Try the Turkey Slab Pie with your Thanksgiving leftovers, or one of the many other tempting recipes. Baking season is upon us, and it will be fun reading through these pages of pies.

Tasty Ultimate: How to Cook Basically Anything (An Official Tasty Cookbook) was released last month and is a delicious read. Tasty reaches more than 500 million people worldwide and is the world’s largest social food network. Included here are 150 recipes of all kinds for any time of day. It is a great resource for home cooks of any skill level. For those looking for more visuals to accompany these recipes, check out the online Tasty videos.tasty ultimate web

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