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Thanks for dinner: 13 gift ideas for your host

Nov 3rd, 2018 | Category: Food

Come feast time, thanks are in order for those cooking and hosting. Aside from helping with the clean-up and saying thanks, following are 13 small gift ideas to show your appreciation.

Anytime Toffee: Any piece from Anytime Toffee is delicious! This is some of the best toffee we have ever eaten. This family-owned company creates top-notch, small batch toffee that is available at local craft shows (see Facebook page for updates) and for sale at Bellewood Acres in Lynden. Try the milk chocolate or the white chocolate peppermint toffee. Contact: (360) 319-6358,

3 Generations Jam Gift Box: This mother-daughter duo produces excellent jams and syrups. With the help of the youngest members of the family, 3 Generations offers various seven classic flavors and more than 20 speciality. Try the gift box of three jams – you pick the flavors, or they surprise you. Contact:, (360) 708-2332.

Bright and Sunny Ginger Beer: Made with ginger from Terra Verde, this small batch fermented ginger beer is good in cocktails, mocktails, or straight up. A little birdie said they will also have a ginger-asian pear beer. Find Bright and Sunny at the Bellingham Farmers Market each Saturday. Contact:   

HOSA Hot Sauce: The three guys behind HOSA say, “HOSA is a condiment and an ingredient, crafted to activate the natural heat of whole chiles and the rich flavor of simple ingredients. It likes food and has no desire to dominate it.” They’re right, it does like food. Whether you love hot sauce or think you don’t like it at all, you’ll surely want this one liking your food. It’s amazing what a couple drops of this fermented perfection will do. Find it at the Community Food Co-op, Streat Food, and other spots. Contact: 

Honey Crisp Apple Cider from Sauk Farm LLC: Now in gallon size, this apple cider comes from Sauk Farm in Concrete. The farm also produces white and red grape cider, apples, wine grapes, dried fruit, juice, and wild flower honey. Contact: (360) 630-0723,

Honeycrisp apple cider and juices from Sauk Farm. COURTESY PHOTO

Honeycrisp apple cider and juices from Sauk Farm. COURTESY PHOTO

Growing Veterans’ Honey: This non-profit organization focused on helping veterans through farming and community, are now keeping bees at their Lynden farm. A small run of their Hardhack Honey is available via the group’s online store. Contact: 

Cairnspring Mills Flour: This local company is milling wheat grown by farmers in the Skagit Valley. The flour supports local farmers and provides bakers of all kinds with a quality product to work with. Try the Edison all-purpose flour; the flavor is mild, a bit nutty and sweet. The variety was originally bred to grow in marine climate by Bellingham native, English professor and wheat breeder Merrill Lewis. The Edison variety was further refined by the wheat scientists at the WSU Bread Lab. Check out all the local varieties and descriptions online. Contact: 

ModSock’s Turkey Time socks: Give the gift of cozy socks with a fun turkey print. Each time your host sees their socks adorned in turkeys (or another holiday style), your fun feast will be remembered. Warm feet, good memories. Contact: 1323 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, 

Blueberry Brandy from Probably Shouldn’t Distillery: This hand-crafted brandy is infused with a half pound of their family farm’s whole, organic blueberries (Breckenridge Blueberries) in Everson. Lightly sweet, satisying flavor. Contact:, (360) 410-1632. 

Samish Bay Cheese Ladysmith:  Their signature cheese, Ladysmith, has been described as a cross between Queso Fresco and Ricotta Salata. This cheese won First Place at the 2010 American Cheese Society awards in the category of unripened cow’s milk cheeses. It’s delicious and would make a great addition to any cheese board. Contact: 15115 Bow Hill Road, Bow, (360) 766-6707,

Honey Glow Candles: Try the dahlia shaped beeswax candle, handcrafted in Glacier. It’s beautiful shape, warm glow, and sweet scent can be added to any holiday table. The honeycomb pillar candles are a favorite, too. Contact:

Hazelnut Butter from Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards: A jar of this favorite tasty treat goes a long way. Add this to baking recipes, top your cookies or ice cream, or blend into a smoothie. Contact: 

Forte Chocolates Gift Box: A beautiful box filled with a seasonal assortment and truffles and caramels, tied with satin ribbon. Forte can choose the flavors, or you can. Contact:, or storefronts in Mount Vernon and Fairhaven.

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